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Digital Scotland offers a powerful digital marketing platform to promote Scottish businesses.

We run, a site that enjoys a top front page Google search ranking, achieved through our excellent content and expert use of SEO technologies. Read how here.

We can apply these same skills for your business, boosting your company profile online and across the Scottish tech sector.

Client Testimonials

Blog marketing services for 2i Software Testing.

“Digital Scotland has excelled in providing 2i with blogs for our web site that made a real impact, the expert and exciting content has proven a compelling draw for our target market and our web site traffic is up 40%.
Neil has worked diligently to collaborate with our consulting team to understand a complex technology field and produce well crafted articles that showcases the company as industry thought leaders.”

Robert Kirkwood, Director, 2i.

Building a world-leading Scottish digital nation
Our mission is to support and help accelerate the Scottish Government’s ambition
for the country to become a world leading digital nation.

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